María Valenzuela had to remove her breast implants: “Luckily they took everything out of me now, anything could have happened”

The word of María Valenzuela after breast surgery (Audio: “We in the morning”, El Trece)

“I have to have surgery on my lolas, that’s why I’m also having a mammogram, blood tests. I have lumps, everything is encapsulated, bad. I’m going to remove the prosthetics and I’m going to keep what I have. I can’t get massages or lie on my stomach,” he said. Maria Valenzuela at the beginning of April, when he was also going through a more complicated health situation that he had to attend to first.

At that time, the actress weighed less than 40 kilos due to an infection in her mouth that did not allow her to eat. She later traveled to the south of Argentina to undergo dental treatment, she returned to her house in Buenos Aires and showed her evolution on her social networks: her first big news was that she recovered seven kilos. “I came back home after 10 days. I must confess that she had a hard time getting on the plane, because these days I had an incredible time! They were very long and intense work sessions, which lasted from four to six hours, which were accompanied by talks and tears that later turned into laughter.”, he wrote on his social networks at the time.

The latest news regarding her health is that on Wednesday she entered the operating room, where her prostheses were removed, as she had announced that she was undergoing tests for it. In addition, she removed lumps that they sent to analyze. Valenzuela is already in her house recovering from the postoperative period. Daniel Ambrosino assured that one of the prostheses was broken and the liquid had spread throughout her body. And that the situation was “very dangerous”. On her part, the journalist revealed the words that the actress said to her when she finished the surgery. “Luckily they took everything out of me now and not later, because anything could have happened. They took some lumps out of me and now they are sent for analysis”.

In addition, this Friday, Carlos Monti played an audio that the actress sent him, in which he told her that once the effects of the painkillers were gone, the discomfort returned, the pain returned and it was difficult for him to fall asleep due to the drains he still has. placed. “I was in a lot of pain, I slept all day,” she said late Thursday. “I’m resting. I don’t feel well”he added.

And regarding the operation, he assured that it was “quite gross”. “Especially the left breast, which had split. All the liquid came out. They removed scabs, plus all the liquid. A disaster”.

“I’m going to recover and I’m going to be like always. better than ever”she was confident. Meanwhile, the journalist added that the doctors informed the actress that within two weeks, if the recovery is as they expect, she will be able to resume her work activity.

Maria Valenzuela

When María Valenzuela decided to publicly tell about the situation she was going through, after trying to denounce the dentist who treated her the first time, she recorded a video that she posted on her social networks. “I had a very bad time these three years and I could not do anything because the pandemic was there, there was no dentist to attend, so I was locked up eating porridge, distressing myself, chewing each bit of chicken for 15 minutes until I could get fed upthe anguish, and threw the food. I didn’t want to know anything else. A few months after the treatment I dipped a croissant, bit into it and felt a fissure and it broke here,” he said in an interview, pointing to a tooth. And she added that she communicated via WhatsApp for three years with the dentist who treated her, until the professional refused to give her his insurance information, which caused her anger.

“Manuel, I weigh 35 kilos and in these three years I have been hospitalized several times. Manuel, I beg you to give the names of your insurer and this hell ends. Manuel, I can’t die now because I still have things to do on this planet. Manuel, I beg you to have mercy on me”, She spoke directly to the professional who treated her and whom she wanted to report for malpractice.

During those three years, María Valenzuela had to be hospitalized on several occasions. “I weighed 35 kilos when I decided to scratch it. I was sensitive and everything affected me, “she said in a note on show partners and reproduced some of the disqualifications he received through social networks: “That he was a monster, that he was a skull, that he was frightening.”

María Valenzuela told how her health is today, after the malpractice complaint (Video: “LAM”, América)


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