Sunny, the young woman with autism who is a success on TikTok and moved everyone in Sing With Me Now: “Let’s make history”

“Hello how are you? I am Sun Camila Lugo, but they call me Sunny. I am autistic, and because of my autism, I have been told that I am incapable, weird. I’ve been called crazy many times. So I’m here to break all the stereotypes that you have about disability, about autism. So sing with me now and let’s make history”, the young woman invited the one hundred members of the jury of Canta Conmigo Now, to accompany her. He immediately began to sing “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley and sang, danced and moved freely on stage. at the same time that the evaluating artists, 69 of them, pressed the button and stood up.

“I cry and VirginiaUSA. I am a multi-faceted artist, online content creator and I make videos informing about autism. I’m autistic and I learned to sing basically before I learned to speak.” He told the preview when he presented himself and explained that in his life singing was his way of communicating: “Through music I can tell things. Talking is very difficult for me I don’t know if you’re noticing, but for me it’s much easier to say things through my art and one way I have is singing”.

Marcelo Tinelli and Sunny in the broadcast of Canta Conmigo Ahora. Credit: Ramiro Souto-La Flia

In addition, he said that he likes many rhythms, but that the most important thing is that the music makes him “feel something”, which is the same thing he seeks to generate in the other. “This song makes me feel that I am here, that this is what I can do,” she said about the song she performed. When she finished singing, she closed: “Thank you very much, seriously, you have no idea what this means”.

It was then that Marcelo Tinelli He approached the stage to congratulate her: “She is not going to say it but I always follow her on TikTok and she is very cool, she sings well in Spanish, in English.” She then gave the floor to the first of the jurors who stood up, the otolaryngologist, singer and actor Ignatius Mintz: “I love that you are here. I have a history with disability because in my family we have lived with it for 35 years, working with people with disabilities and it excites me a lot but without masks because if television is about anything, it is that one day stereotypes will end with everythingnot only with the autism spectrum. You are a person with disabilities but above all you are a person and you are here. I thank you for doing this because it is a message for millions of people that they will not forget.

Then it was the turn of Marisol Otero: “I am the godmother of a group of children with disabilities, which I say in quotation marks, and I know them very well and I am moved that you are here showing the love and capacity that is enormous. In autism they stand out with a genius, and your genius is this, art”.

Excited, the contestant closed: “I always say that you have to say ‘soand autistic’, I say it with pride, I am not disabled by my choice, but by society that does not give us the possibility”. “The most beautiful thing is to see you here, it is to see how thick you are, how capable you are in everything, there is not one thing in which you are not capable,” added Tinelli. Although the score was not enough for him to continue in the game and go to the next round, before saying goodbye and greeting the driver of the El Trece cycle, he sentenced: “This is my dream and it’s just beginning, it won’t be the only time they see me next to you, I promise.”


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