Emilio Marcos confessed the reasons for the labor break with Juan Osorio: “A disaster was put together”

(Photo: Instagram / @emilio.osorio)

Emilio Osorio recently came into the public eye after announcing that he separated from his father, Juan Osorio, at work. who helped him boost his acting career on Mexican television. Given this, the young man known for his character from Aristem in the soap opera Together, the heart is never wrong He broke the silence about the situation he is currently going through with the producer.

And it was during a recent interview for the sun riseswhere the young man said that at the moment is more interested in breaking into the music industryso it was necessary start walking the path on your own.

“There was a network disaster And so, there was a labor separation with my father totally… I’m already heading towards music, to do my songs”, commented Emilio.

However, the actor mentioned that despite taking a course on his own at this stage of his life, something that always takes into account are the learnings that both his father, Juan Osorio, and his mother, Niurka Marcos, have left him.

I think my mom is a person that we know is very free above all, obviously, as it should be. Being free I think is the best thing one can be because it ends up being happy with oneself, and my dad is an example of professionalism, of discipline, and well I think it’s a good result and a good meeting”, he sentenced.

Likewise, Emilio said he is a very dedicated artist with his followers and added that during his new role as a musician, his priority will be to share his passion with fans.

“At heart I am a brother that the net really likes to see people happy for what I do. I think that God and life gave me the opportunity to do it with what I like, which is music. The net yes I am well delivered to my public and the truth is what I enjoy the most, outside of writing, outside of all this because I learn all that because it is my passion, “he deepened.

It should be remembered that a few days ago, Emilio confessed for the first time – during an interview for Multimedia- that getting away from his father would be the right thing for him.

Already at this moment there is a labor separation regarding my fatherthat’s why I’m working directly with COSMOS (record label) in terms of music, that’s a challenge, part of growth, maturation on my part. (…) I feel very happy to be deciding, to be releasing the album so that not only he is proud, but also see that everything we worked together was an apprenticeship; so that today, from dad’s chair, he sees me and is happy, “he said.

After the strong scandal that has developed after Niurka started a passionate romance with juan vidal during your stay at the House of Celebrities 2, Emilio let us see what he thinks about it.

It all happened during an interview with the program First hand, where the young man was happy for the illusion he has seen in his mother.

Always happy, always in love. My mother is like that, if you already know her, why invite her?He commented before the cameras of the evening led by Gustavo Adolfo Infante.


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